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Who We Are

In line with governments policy on a safer, cleaner and healthy environment, we are pleased to introduce to you our high quality environmental plastic waste bin with wheels produced in Nigeria by AGIVILLE INDUSTRIES LTD. Our environmental plastic waste bin with wheels is the best quality waste bin with wheels produced in Nigeria. Its strong, durable, beautiful, affordable and highly resistant to rough weather.

Furthermore our waste bin is produced to the European EN840 standards and comes with a cover attached to the body with four solid pins. It also has two solid highly durable rubber tyres for easy movement at collection and disposal points. Our plastic waste bins with wheels are suitable for Households, Offices,Shops, Open Markets, Shopping Malls, Schools, Hospitals, Churches , and other Commercial facilities.


1) CONTAINS WASTE: Plastic Waste Bins with Wheels contains home/commercial refuse efficiently.

2) REDUCES SPREAD OF PESTS: Plastic Waste Bins with Wheels make the open environment free from rodents, insects, flies and assorted pests by blocking their access to food from refuse

3) REDUCED HEALTH RISKS: By blocking access to refuse by rodents, insects, flies and assorted pests, the community/facility minimises the spread of disease and significantly reduces the health risk due to refuse.

4) EASY EVACUATION: Plastic Waste Bins with Wheels make for quick, easy and controlled evacuation of refuse from the community/facility.

5) QUICK REMOVAL TIME FOR WASTE MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY/OPERATOR: With Plastic Waste Bins with Wheels, PSP Operators evacuating refuse are able to develop a quick turn around time. PSP’s are thus able to deal with individual properties within seconds rather than several minutes.

6) REDUCES BAD ODOURS: Plastic Waste Bins with Wheels with their lids contain the bad odours due to refuse from spreading though out the neighbourhood and keeps the air pleasant.

7) CONTAINMENT OF MEDICAL WASTE: Hospital Medical Waste is easily collected, contained and evacuated according to protocols with the use of Plastic Waste Bins with Wheels.

8) PROVIDES CRUCIAL PART OF RECYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE:The use of our plastic waste bins with wheels gives communities the opportunity to recycle different grades of refuse like glass bottles, card board, plastic, aluminium cans etc.by separation into labelled and designated bins.

9) REDUCED FLOODING: With efficient containment and refuse ready for quick evacuation, the use of our bins prevents refuse from spilling over into the gutters and drainage system of our communities/facilities. This leaves our drainage systems free to perform their task there by reducing the chance of flooding during the raining season.

10) BEAUTIFICATION: With the reduction in exposed refuse, reduced health risk, containment of bad odours, reduced health risks and reduced infestation among others, the use of Plastic Waste Bins with Wheels beautifies the environment and makes it more habitable.

We would be glad if you choose AGIVILLE INDUSTRIES LIMITED as your dependable supplier of this efficient technology in waste management. Our factory is located at Amuwo Odofin Industrial Layout, Lagos and is accessible to all clients who choose to visit our factory and showroom.

Our factory is equipped with the latest state of the art machines in plastic injection moulding, manned by highly capable, experienced production experts in the industry. This reinforces our confidence to meet large order requirements.

Our Vision
To be a formidabble and respected player in the environmental cleaning sector by providing high quality sanitation products throughout the country and the region.

Our Mission
Having our products used in every home, estate, factory, hospital, church, school, others buildings and making a positive impact on the overall environment in terms of cleanliness improving the overall quality of life of those who use our products.